Applecross WA

Client: VIP Private

Location: Applecross WA

Lift Style: Round Panoramic Lift

Curved Glazed Metal Structure: Signal White Powder Coating Frame with Clear Curved Glass

Landing Doors: Frameless Clear Curved Glass

Door Handles: Clear Glass

Cabin Walls: Signal White Powder Coating & Clear Curved Glass

Control Operating Panel: Full Height Signal White Powder Coating with Integrated Button Design & Digital Display.

Ceiling: Signal White Powder Coating with 4 x LED

Floor: White Granite Stone

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Many thanks to all the team at West Coast Elevators. We wanted a beautiful lift to blend in with our home and be a feature within the main entrance and you certainly achieved that! A special mention to Wez who installed our lift, very polite and courteous throughout the whole installation. Thank you.

VIP Private