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Commercial Stretcher Lift in Perth - west coast elevators 2

About the lift

Medical and Aged Care Solution

Complying to AS1735.1 / 12 General Passenger Lift.
The Commercial Stretcher Lift package is designed specifically for commercial and public applications. This lift comes with all the requirements of AS1735.1 / 12. Complying to the Building Code of Australia (BCA) West Coast Elevators have tailored a complete package for every Stretcher Lift as “standard”, making it an extremely reliable General Passenger lift with automatic sliding cabin and landing doors.

Each Stretcher Lift
package comes with:

  • Digital cabin and landing display
  • Full height control operating panel with sleek button integration design
  • 6 x LED ceiling lights
  • Grey separate push buttons with braille
  • Luxury skinplate and stainless steel wall finishes
  • Cabin and landing door enabling keys
  • Auto-dial phone with integrated soft touch button
  • Brushed stainless steel handrail
  • Voice Annunciator


  • Battery backup and cabin lighting in case of power failure
  • Automatic return to any floor of your choice
  • Full height light curtain protection beams across cabin entrance
  • Over load alarm and indicator
  • Creeping speed feature

Technical Information

LIFT CODE AS1735.1/12
CABIN SIZE 1100w x 2100d (mm)
SPEED 0.60m/s or 1.0m/s
TRAVEL 12m (max)
PIT 1300mm
POWER Three Phase 415V
Commercial Stretcher Lift in Perth - west coast elevators 1

Available cabin configurations

  • Single entry in masonry shaft and metal structure
  • Through entry in masonry shaft and metal structure

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