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Boutique Perth commercial lifts (DDA compliant)

At West Coast Elevators, we’re reshaping the perception of what a commercial lift can be by giving the sector incredible flexibility and choice. We work together with builders, architects, building managers, shopping centres, land developers and project managers to create low-rise commercial lifts that go beyond stainless-steel boxes and become style statements in their own right.

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We give you the freedom to completely personalise your commercial lift, resulting in boutique, luxury commercial lifts that are the perfect complement to any high-end development. Mix and match from a myriad of finishes to achieve the exact aesthetic you are looking for.

Crown lift

630kg general passenger lift, suitable for general purpose and Disability Access. Choose from hydraulic or traction options.

Maxi lift

High performing 850kg general passenger lift. High speed and large cabin size.

Stretcher lift

Well-suited to medical facilities, childcare centres and general passengers. 1000kg duty load.

Crystal Mini lift - Series II

The Crystal Mini lift - Series II offers immediate disability access to any existing or new building.

100% Project Managed.

Every additional floor level of office space greater than 200sqm is required to have a DDA compliant lift. At West Coast Elevators, all of our commercial lifts meet disability access requirements (DDA) and Australian standards. We are personally involved in the design and manufacture of every component of our lifts, making them very energy efficient and reliable. Our inhouse project managers can personally oversee the supply and install for no extra cost.

Commercial lift FAQs

Yes, our commercial lifts are fully DDA compliant.

Yes, our commercial lifts are designed and registered with Worksafe Australia.


Our commercial lifts are ‘low rise’, meaning they can go up to 12m.

Once manufactured, our commercial lifts take approximately 2-4 weeks to install. 

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