Elevators for New Builds

What will you need in 10 years? Or even 20?

While this might feel a little too far into the future to predict, it’s also very important to consider when you’re building your ‘Forever Home’. What seems easily accessible now could easily become problematic down the road.

Incorporating a lift into your new build covers all possible types of future scenarios, delivering confidence that your home is working for you (not against you) no matter your age or ability.

All of our home lifts are available for installation in new home builds where the Classic Lift, Sovereign Lift, Royal Lift and the Jewel Lift are the most popular among homeowners and architects alike.

Why include a lift in your new home

Including an elevator in your build plans makes your future home more livable from the get-go. The most frequent reasons people choose to add a lift into their build plans are because they: 

  • Add real value to the property 
  • Easier to address accessibility issues in a new build compared to retrofitting ‘down the track’
  • Cost effective 
  • More flexibility with the design 
  • More lift types to choose from 
  • Improve access to every floor in the house 
  • Provide disabled/ limited mobility accessibility 
  • Future proof their ‘Forever Home’ as they grow older 
  • Allow easier transportation of large items from floor to floor 
  • Increase market interest when selling 
  • Enable older relatives or grandparents to access the home easily 
  • No disruption to the homeowner. 



Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions we get about new builds:

Absolutely. This is part of the service we offer and each project is managed individually. 

No. West Coast Elevators work closely with your builders, ensuring the lift arrives at the perfect time during construction (usually around the lock-up stage of the build). We then install it efficiently to coincide with the building program.

Yes. Lift installation and construction are planned and conducted during the same phase which is very efficient and more cost effective compared to installing a lift after building completion. 

Our professional installation team works side by side with builders and their timeframes. The lift packages are also designed so the majority of the lift installation takes place within the lift shaft and without the need for any large machinery or tooling.

Yes, it is incredibly wise to do that if you are not in a position to install the lift during the build. It will not only save the future trade and construction work, but also the extra time and cost to find a suitable location for the lift shaft. Our professional consultants can help you plan a suitable future solution and even provide sample drawings for a future retrofit. It is extremely important that you obtain the correct information for a future installation. Prior planning will always prevent unforeseen costs later on.





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