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Home elevator design perth

The Ultimate Guide to a Great Home Elevator Design

So you’ve decided to install a residential elevator in your home, that’s great! You now need to go down the decision-path; the what, the who, the how much and of course, the elevator design. How do you design a home…

how elevator music was designed to boost productivity, soothe nerves and influence consumer behaviour

How Elevator Music Was Designed to Boost Productivity, Soothe Nerves and Influence Consumer Behaviour

Picture this: the smooth sound of Girl from Ipanema is playing. A bell boy turns to you and says: “First floor: telephones, gents’ ready-made suits. Shirts, socks, ties, hats, underwear and shoes. Going up.” Sort of like the theme song…

should you install a lift: why you should prioritise disability access in your building

How to Know If You Need Elevator Access For Your Building

There are many reasons why you may be considering installing an elevator in your building. Do you need your building to better meet access compliance laws, do you want to reduce the likelihood of workplace injuries, aid firefighters and evacuations…

Elevator scenes in movies

The 6 Greatest Elevator Scenes in Movies

Film-fanatics, Netflix-lovers and the Hollywood-obsessed, here’s some lighthearted entertainment. Discover the elevator scenes in movies you need to know, both old and new, that will surely put your movie trivia to the test. In the eyes of Hollywood elevators are…

The Smallest Residential Elevators You Can Have - perth home lifts (1)

The Smallest Residential Elevators You Can Have

How small can a residential elevator be? No matter the size of your home, there is an elevator out there that will fit your space. Multi-storey, floating mezzanine, access from a sunken garage; from the biggest house to a small…

elevator showroom - service your elevator in perth

How long does it take to install a home elevator?

You’re on your way to installing your home elevator but exactly how long is the process going to take?  In short, it all depends on a few key factors.  From the decision making process right through to building and installation,…

how much space does a residential lift need - perth

How much space does a home elevator need?

When you think of elevators, you might instantly think of space-taking, sky-high people movers. But putting the large commercial buildings aside, you might be pleasantly surprised at just how little space you actually need to put a lift in your…

most popular lift in perth west coast elevators

The Most Popular Residential Lift in Perth

When you’re looking to install or retrofit a residential lift in your home, a lot of factors go into the decision process. From style and fit out, to safety and accessibility, one lift that ticks all the boxes and is…

How NBN Impacts your elevator perth

How the NBN Impacts Your Elevator

Is your lift NBN ready? The NBN is currently being rolled out nationwide, and with it comes some serious safety upgrades for our elevator systems. With the switch, all Lift Emergency Phones will be migrated onto the NBN network. As…

Most popular lift in perth

6 Things You Should Look For Before Buying An Elevator

Trying to choose the right elevator for you and your home? Here are 6 important things you should look for before buying an elevator: 1. Visit a showroom Try before you buy! It is vital that you see your preferred…

Residential Sovereign Lift in perth - west coast elevators 5

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Lift in a House?

How much does it cost to install a lift in a house? Well, the average cost of a residential lift servicing two levels is between $35,000 and $65,000. However, this can vary and depends on a variety of factors. 1.…

The 5 Most Amazing Lifts Around The World perth - west coast elevators perth

The 5 Most Amazing Lifts Around The World

Beautiful infrastructure from around the globe acts as a constant source of inspiration. Take a look at some of the most amazing lifts from around the world that have inspired us to constantly evolve our craftsmanship and design innovation here…


Residential Elevators Are Lifting The Bar

Why Perth homes with residential elevators are lifting the bar WHY take the stairs when you could take the lift? There’s a growing trend for home elevator installations in Perth’s residential suburbs. THERE’S something uplifting about walking into your very…


The Rise Of The Residential Lift

Features such as residential lifts will make a huge difference to the value of a property when the time comes to sell. Marc Ramsay, Sales Manager at West Coast Elevators TYPICALLY the province of office blocks and apartment buildings, the…


The Preferred Supplier To Home Base

West Coast Elevators were honoured to be the preferred supplier to Home Base in Subiaco when they decided to commence renovations to the stylish Business Centre. The Commercial DDA Lift by West Coast Elevators was the perfect lift solution for…


Find a WCE Lift Installation in Your Area!

West Coast Elevators service the whole of Western Australia. Being a local company we are able to provide a truly local service, in most instances our employees live just around the corner from one or more of our installations. Look…

casino inspired design 1

Casino Inspired Design

West Coast Elevators have recently completed this custom designed semi-curved Panoramic Lift project in Mariginiup. Our client wanted a residential lift like no other, so together with our complete team we designed, engineered, manufactured and installed this custom ‘Casino Inspired’semi-curved…


Lifts Future Proof Your Home

Not being able to access your entire home can have consequences that impact on individuals and families, both financially and emotionally, especially if a move is required. West Coast Elevators are the specialists when it comes to retrofitting a residential…

round panoramic suite lift in applecross wa

Round Panoramic Lift – Applecross WA

West Coast Elevators have recently completed a Round Panoramic Lift project in Applecross WA. We designed, engineered, manufactured and installed this custom made Round Panoramic Lift to add glamour and prestige to the main entrance of this beautiful house. Certainly…

New Showroom

New Showroom Now Open

May 16, 2017 West Coast Elevators are pleased to unveil our new state-of-the-art showroom. Featuring 3 display lifts from our bespoke Residential Lift collection. Conveniently located at the main front entrance of Home Base in Subiaco. Our showroom can be…