Bringing dreams to life

An elevator has the power to bring dreams to life. This might sound like a big promise, but at West Coast Elevators we see it happen every day. Whether we’re installing elevators to give families more freedom to move around, helping you stay in your forever home longer, or providing inclusive disabled access; these life changing moments move us.


It’s why nothing is too hard when it comes to designing and installing your elevator. 

You’ll feel in control

Your new elevator is an investment in your future, so making sure you’re confident in your purchase is paramount to us. It’s why we’re fully transparent about our products and what we think will work (and what won't). And because our team is built upon the philosophy of doing what’s right for you, we provide extensive knowledge at every step of your decision making process so you always feel in control.

A retrofitted white lift in South Perth
Open doors of a Jewel Lift in Dalkeith
Attention to detail

We think beautiful elevator design lies in the detail. That’s why everything must be taken into account, from perfect placement to design and installation (right down to whether your window frames match the cladding). With over 1000 pieces involved in an elevator installation, we purposefully align every feature, part and particular to make your project the best it can be.

Highest quality guaranteed

At West Coast Elevators you’re assured only the highest of quality. We proudly hold an ISO 9001 certification - the internationally recognised model for Quality Management Systems. What this means is our standards are second to none across safety, service, quality and process. It’s our way of providing you with quality reassurance right from the beginning through the lifetime of your home or commercial lift. Read more to find out how we guarantee detail across every part of our process.

residential lift next to stairs.
sovereign home lift design
Engineered to be better

You might notice our residential lifts and commercial lifts aren’t ‘stock standard’. That’s because we’ve found a way to provide you with world-class Italian-made products which is quite rare in Perth.  Our journey of continuous improvement takes us right back to the design and manufacturing stage so our elevators are fiercely reliable. From hydraulics to electronics our quality is second to none, eco-efficient and certified to the highest standards. A West Coast Elevator guarantees confidence that the next time you see us is for a scheduled service and not a breakdown.

Our philosophy


Doing what is right is a simple philosophy that continues to serve us well. We openly share information and try to include many ‘extras’ as standard. We also try to make our community a better place and proudly support Breast Cancer Australia, Beyond Blue and Children’s Hospital Foundations Australia.



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