Enjoy 12 months FREE servicing valued at $1,600 with any new lift! 

Introducing the iNVER-iQ, Australia’s very first residential lift remote monitoring system that ensures your lift is running safe and sound all year round.

Identify faults early

Troubleshoot & repair remotely

Reduce scheduling issues

Save on call-out fees

24/7 local customer support

Peace of mind

Hurry offer ends 30/06/24. Valued at $1,600 (includes standard 12 month plan + initial hardware / software required with initial set up.)

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Convenient, time-saving, and hassle-free, let the iNVER-iQ manage the smooth operation of your lift.

Become aware of any faults with your lift and avoid unexpected breakdowns. The system records any fault in real-time which enables fast and correct diagnosis with minimal downtime.

Perform system resets and return your lift back to normal operation without technical knowledge or the need for a technician.


We’ll install, connect and manage your lift’s operation, including the SIM card and service provider.

Less breakdowns, less call-out fees and all general servicing costs covered gives you more money back in your pocket.


No more inconvenient scheduling issues and costly call-out fees

Ever had to wait for a tradesperson to come out and fix something only to be told they can’t do it and will have to come another day? And, you still had to pay the call out fee.

Thanks to the iNVER-iQ, you’ll never have to worry about expensive fees, or unsuccessful repairs.

With the convenience of being able to remotely connect to your lift, we can access real-time data, allowing us to identify any issues or faults much earlier on and return your lift to normal operation, and in most cases without the need to send out a technician.


It’s time to put your lift servicing
schedule on autopilot


Resolve lift issues faster

Spend less time waiting for a technician and minimise lift downtime with remote troubleshooting & repair.


Save hundreds on call-out fees

With direct remote access to your lift, we can gather real-time data allowing us to determine the fault with precision before sending out a technician.


Improve the safety of your home elevator

Feel extra safe and secure with every ride with a full safety audit conducted at every service.


Spend less time on the phone to support

Our local customer support team in Australia has the knowledge and training to provide you with answers to any questions or direct you to someone who can help.


Extend the lifespan of your lift

With regular servicing and full safety checks, we help you keep track of your lift’s service schedule to ensure your lift is operating safely for years to come.


24/7 emergency lift servicing and repair

Getting stuck in your lift can be quite a daunting and terrifying experience. We have a team of qualified technicians on call ready to get your lift up and running quicksmart.


Get the iNVER-iQ 12 months free with any new residential lift

All Standard Plans Inclusions

General Service

Advanced Fault Checking

Remote Troubleshooting & Repair

Data Connectivity & Sim Management

iNVER-iQ Device

24/7 Customer Support

All Software & Firmware Upgrades

The plans below are available for your lift once the initial new lift warranty period expires. 

Take advantage of the added value and make the most of the benefits each plan offers.

12 Month Plan

$ 900+GST per year
  • Begin the plan at the end of your new lift warranty period
  • All standard plan inclusions
  • 12 months parts replacement warranty extended

24 Month Plan

$1,800+GST per year
  • Begin the plan at the end of your new lift warranty period
  • All standard plan inclusions
  • 24 months parts replacement warranty extended
  • 1 x call-out visit during normal working hours per annum

36 Month Plan

$2,700+GST per year
  • Begin the plan at the end of your new lift warranty period
  • All standard plan inclusions
  • 36 months parts replacement warranty extended
  • 2 x call-out visit during normal working hours per annum

iNVER-iQ is compatible with all residential and commercial lift products, except for the Crystal Mini Lift, which has the wheelchair platform.

If you do not wish to continue with the service, you may contact us on 08 6263 5253 and we’ll arrange for one of our technicians to uninstall the software and remove the SIM. You will need to provide our technician with a new SIM and ensure that it has service with your service provider prior to installation.

We recommend servicing a residential lift at least once per year. We recommend servicing commercial lifts about 2-4 times per year as they are used more frequently.


We keep track of your home elevator, so you can enjoy peace of mind

Find out how you can get the iNVER-iQ 12 months free with your new lift.

iNVER-iQ Enquiry Form

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