What to expect:
an uplifting journey

If you are considering installing a commercial or residential lift, you might be wondering what to expect along the way.

While every client journey is unique, here is a brief overview to help you understand what lies ahead:

The process

  1. Make an enquiry with our team
  2. Visit our fully-operational Perth showroom
  3. Learn all about our company and products
  4. Choose the lift that’s right for you
  5. Contract preparation and signing
  6. Engineered lift drawings prepared
  7. Builder liaison on site (this is ongoing)

8. Builder liaison on site (this is ongoing)
9. Return to showroom to select final finishes
10. Lift and all parts are manufactured in Italy
11. Lift arrives at our local warehouse
12. Site delivery and installation
13. Comprehensive testing
14. Handover (Time to celebrate!)

process of buying a lift - what to know about buying a lift -perth

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