Servicing my lift:
Service and Safety Audit

If you are considering installing a commercial or residential lift, you might be wondering what to expect along the way.

While every client journey is unique, here is a brief overview to help you understand what lies ahead:

Regular servicing can increase the longevity of your residential or commercial lift.

Our fully equipped vans mean that any problems can usually be fixed immediately and cost-effectively by our experienced service technicians. In the rare chance of a breakdown, simply call our Service Department. Being local means we are in the same time zone and never too far away should we need to attend your premises.

Safety first

During your service, your commercial or residential lift will also be taken through a series of emergency procedures as part of a full safety audit. This is designed to give you and your passengers full confidence in the safety and security of your lift.

Servicing FAQs

How often should I be servicing my lift?

For a residential lift, we recommend at least once per year. For commercial lifts which receive higher use, we recommend 2-4 times per year.

How long does it take to carry out a service & safety audit?

1-2 hours.

How do I know when my next service is due?

We take the hassle out of maintaining your residential or commercial lift by reminding you when your next Service & Safety Audit is due.

Can any lift company service my lift?

Given the uniqueness of our quality products, we recommend utilising our Service Technicians as they possess a deep knowledge of your specific lift.

How much does it cost to service my lift?

A residential lift service generally costs between $400-$600. Due to the many variables associated with commercial lifts, we can provide a price on application.

What can I do to keep my lift in good condition?

Adhere to the minimum service requirements and familiarise yourself with the user instruction manual which will be given to you at handover. Should you ever require another manual, we are more than happy to give you a second copy.

“I was using a national company for my lift maintenance which was okay until I had a problem. They had four unsuccessful attempts, at huge cost and great inconvenience to myself, to make the repairs. After many weeks, I tried a local WA lift company who resolved the matter in one very prompt visit, at very reasonable labour cost and no materials. The office and the site workers were all extremely helpful and efficient. I have no hesitation at all in highly recommending West Coast Elevators.”

Anthony Brine

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