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A Princi Homes partnership

The long-standing relationship between Princi Homes and West Coast Elevators has once again flourished in this outstanding new home build in Balcatta. A breathtakingly modern build that is elevated by a combination of design and functionality... with its new lift - the icing on the cake.

beautiful monochromatic home design with a dark staircase and feature elevator


Balcatta, Perth, Western Australia


New build



Princi Homes

Elevator design

Royal Residential Lift

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A big family home should be feature-rich; meaning space, accessibility and modernity all must be taken into account from the very beginning of a new home design. So when time came to bring this client’s “forever home'' to life (and include a two-stop lift), Princi approached this project with big aspirations.

princi homes with an elevator installed
zoomed out photo of a luxurious dining area featuring a dark coloured lift

With Princi’s track record of design excellence and West Coast’s premium products, it was only natural the long-standing relationship between the two companies was once again reignited to create something spectacular. The bedazzling two-storey home design took advantage of the block’s ample space with a big living/dining area upstairs. As the most central gathering place in the home, it made sense to accommodate their family-focused lifestyle by incorporating an elevator to reach this level. Not only would this make the many family visits and days spent entertaining more accessible, but it would also future-proof their investment for years to come.

Placed to please

At the design stage, the client knew accessibility would be an important feature because of their entertaining lifestyle. Between family and friends, they wanted to cater for their (often coming-and-going) masses, so the appropriate placement of their home elevator was pivotal.

On the ground floor the elevator shaft was placed behind the stairs; a functional and practical position for most home builds. Sitting in the main foyer entryway and next to the garage door, the lift supplies direct access to the upper level from both the front door and the garage. Moreover, the position ensures the eye is intuitively drawn to the pleasing vertical lines of the hallway as you walk into the home, leaving the entryway and wall artwork to be the feature while the elevator integrates with the staircase design.

On the second floor it was important to place the lift in the centre of all the family hustle and bustle. Stepping out of the elevator you’re instantly greeted by the eye-catching living and dining area. Gazing slightly to the right, sunshine pours through the wall of glass sliding doors opening out to the balcony overlooking gardens and beautiful neighbouring palm trees.

This elevator placement means every elevator exit experience can bring a moment of calm on busy days, but also provides a breathtaking moment for visiting guests who see the living space for the first time.

elevator in balcatta
a dark charcoal elevator with open doors nestled in a luxury living space

Precision and intention

Perfection always starts with intent. So this Balcatta abode’s modern style became the inspiration to ensure the lift’s design precisely blended into its environment and aligned with Princi’s signature style.

Using gloss black skinplates inside the elevator, we were able to create a feature that harmoniously tied into the black of the staircase. Every aspect of our design was considered - from the custom tiles from throughout the house flowing into the elevator floors, right down to carrying through the home’s clean lines through to into the elevator cabin panel tiles... Can you spot this clever nuance?

A feature stone tile was used at the base of the staircase as well as in the kitchen, so to tie in the design of the elevator, we surrounded the elevator shaft on both floors with the same stone tile. It’s these thoughtful touches that create a beautiful design cohesion between the ground and first floors. The full height mirror inclusion on the rear cabin wall also creates an enticing symmetry when the elevator doors open, as visions of the home’s design bounce off the mirror’s reflection.

With functionality and livability in mind, the clients opted for automatic sliding doors which would provide easy access to all.
While on the second floor, light switches for the upstairs area were installed at the lift exterior for convenience.

lift design in balcatta
modern house with an infinity pool
perth luxury home with a lift installed
beautiful kitchen with a white breakfast bar

A harmonious design relationship

A partnership with both Princi and West Coast Elevators is always a uniquely seamless experience. This is because Princi is a company who realises the distinction of our product and understands how a West Coast Elevator should be incorporated holistically into the design process. A streamlined process means a smooth and fast installation, eliminating inconvenience and double-handling.

Working with Princi on this project was a pleasure, with everyone on the same page from beginning to end. The build process was swift, with no complications or modifications required thanks to well aligned timeframes and open, honest communication. The result? A stunning new build home that the client’s were thrilled with and their family can enjoy for many years to come.









elevator features

It's the little things that count.

door-opening of a lift

F12PPS Brushed Look Gloss Italian Luxury Skinplate

cabin size of a lift
Cabin doors

N3PP Black Gloss Italian Luxury Skinplate

Pit size of a lift
Cabin walls

Horizontal N3PP Black Gloss Italian Luxury Skinplate with a Full Height Clear Mirror On Rear Wall

icon in a box shape with a line at the top to indicate an elevator ceiling

N3PP Black Gloss Italian Luxury Skinplate with x4 LED Downlights

icon in a box shape with a line at the bottom to indicate an elevator floor

20mm Set down for clients own tiles to be continued into the lift