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Residential Lifts
for Perth

At West Coast Elevators, we don’t just supply and install lifts. We reinstate freedom and independence. While every homeowner that we meet is unique in regard to their lifestyle, tastes and budget, what unites them is a desire to stay in their homes as long as possible.

For elderly or disabled homeowners, they are delighted to find out that a quality residential elevator can often cost less than the stamp duty fees associated with moving to a new residence. We are also sought out by families who are looking to ‘future proof’ their new home by installing a lift during the building phase. Installing a lift proactively means enjoying it for longer (no more lugging shopping or suitcases up the stairs!).

A residential lift can significantly influence the re-sale value of a home. We work together with real estate agents who are looking to maximise the appeal of a multi-level home by making it fully accessible to virtually all demographics.

Residential Classic Lift - Residential Lift Perth

Classic Lift

This residential lift is a very practical solution for the budget conscious. The classic cabin size can be customised from 600 x 600mm all the way up to 1000 x 1300mm.

Residential Sovereign Lift in perth - west coast elevators 2

Sovereign Lift

This residential lift is one of the most attractive and captivating home lifts on the market. It is a mighty powerful home lift with manual swing landing doors.

Residential Royal Suite Lift - Brushed or Mirrored Stainless Steel

Royal Lift

Ultra-smooth, quiet and reliable, this lift comprises the finest Italian quality and style. Features automatic sliding doors.

Round Panoramic Suite Lift-3

Unique by design and accompanied by the finest details. The preferred choice of architects and designers alike when incorporating a luxurious lift into prestigious homes.

Residential Lift FAQs

What is the average cost of a residential lift?

A two-storey residential lift usually costs between $35,000 and $65,000 (excluding building works and other external factors).

Can I retrofit a residential lift?

Yes, we can retrofit a residential lift to any home. We are able to engineer certified metal lift shafts to suit all homes.

How many stories can your residential lifts go up?

Our residential lifts are capable of 12m of travel. This is generally five or six ‘stops.’

How long will it take to fit a residential lift into my home?

A residential lift takes about 2-4 weeks to install.

Where can I put a residential lift in my home?

The best thing to do is get us to come out and have a look. With our skills and experience, we can find the right spot in regard to ease of use and affordability.

Can I access my residential lift in a wheelchair?

Yes, there are certain cabin sizes and door openings that should be considered as a minimum to cater for wheelchair access in the home.

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“We knew we had to have a lift installed to make this new home easy living without using stairs. We are 68 and 70. The people at WCE couldn't have been more helpful. From management to installers to commissioning, the whole process has been of 5 star workmanship, friendly, thoughtful and considerate of our older age. Thank you so much for making our life easier. Coffee any time.”

Carol & Phil Read Smith

Perth home or commercial building?

No matter what your need or how much space you have, we can provide a customised solution to fit your needs.

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