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Residential Sovereign lift

Complying to AS1735.18 Passenger lifts for private residence

The Sovereign Lift is one of the most attractive and captivating home lifts on the market. West Coast Elevators guarantee a minimum 300kg load rating with every cabin configuration as ‘standard’ making the Sovereign Lift an industry leading mighty powerful home lift with manual swing landing doors. The Sovereign Lift cabin can be completely customised starting from 600x600mm all the way up to 1100x1400mm Offering complete flexibility with design.

Each Sovereign lift
package comes with

  • Guaranteed 300kg Load Rating
  • Digital Cabin Display
  • Full Height Control Operating Panel - Sleek Button Integration Design
  • 4 x LED Ceiling Lights
  • Full Height Flat Integrated Door Handles
  • Wide range of Luxury Cabin Wall Finishes
Residential Sovereign Lift in Perth - west coast elevators 5
Residential Sovereign Lift in Perth - west coast elevators 6

Safety Features

  • Battery backup and Cabin lighting in case of power failure
  • Automatic return to lowest floor
  • Full height light curtain protection beams across cabin entrance
  • Over Load Alarm and Indicator
  • Creeping speed feature

Technical Information



600w x 600d to 1100w x 1400d (mm)


From 600mm to 1000mm

300kg - 400kg


12m (Max)

120mm (Min)

2500mm (Min)

30+ years

300kg - Single Phase 25amp
400kg - Single Phase 32amp

Complete design flexibility for your home lift

If you are building a new home or looking to retrofit a lift into a existing home, West Coast Elevators highly skilled consultants can assist you with design, ideas and concepts to ensure you get the best product in the most suitable location. You will be amazed where we can incorporate a lift into any building design, minimising space and saving on builders works.

West Coast Elevators will custom design the largest possible cabin size to suit any existing shaft or we can customise a Glazed Metal Structure to surround the lift in both indoor or outdoor applications creating a luxurious and state of the art feature.

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