Lifts Future Proof Your Home

Not being able to access your entire home can have consequences that impact on individuals and families, both financially and emotionally, especially if a move is required.

West Coast Elevators are the specialists when it comes to retrofitting a Perth residential lift into any existing home. The cost to incorporate a residential lift is generally much more cost-effective than the price of stamp duty when selling you forever home and downsizing.

COMPLETE DESIGN FLEXIBILITY – If you are building a new home or looking to retrofit a residential lift into an existing home, West Coast Elevators highly skilled consultants can assist you with design, ideas and concepts to ensure you get the best product in the most suitable location. West Coast Elevators will custom design the largest possible cabin size to suit any existing shaft or we can customise an engineered and certified Glazed or Raw Metal structure shaft to surround and support the lift in both indoor and outdoor applications.

You will be amazed where we can incorporate a lift into any building design, minimising space with cost effective residential lift solutions.

  • Some of the benefits to future proofing your home with a West Coast Elevators Lift are:
  • Enjoy easy access to your entire home
  • No more carrying large bulky items up and down the stairs
  • Add real value to your current or future home
  • Peace of mind that if you do sell your home in the future you are open to the whole market
  • Stay in your ‘Forever Home’ for many years to come.
  • Contact West Coast Elevators today and learn more about ‘Future Proofing’ your home with a Residential Lift!!




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