⎯⎯⎯⎯ Applecross LIFT PROJECT





New Build



Lift style
Sovereign Residential Lift




Landing Doors

Panoramic milk-white glass doors in RAL 9003 signal white

Cabin Walls 

Vertical and horizontal cabin walls in N3PP gloss black luxury Italian skin plate with full height clear mirror on the rear cabin wall.

Control Operating Panel, Cabin Corners & Profiles

BA polished stainless steel with Integrated Button Design & Digital Display.


N3PP gloss black luxury Italian skin plate and the designer diamond LED light 


The 20mm set down client’s own floor was continued to the lift for integration.

Client name: Residential client

Beautiful Swan River views are the best feature of our client’s home. But due to the home’s reverse-living design, these picturesque views are only available from the second floor. That’s why the client had the foresight to understand a lift installation would enable increased accessibility to their home over time with the added benefit of instant convenience so they don’t have to carry heavy loads upstairs. 

Inclusive of custom door handles and bespoke matched flooring meant an impeccable integration of the client’s existing home aesthetic into the design of their elevator. 

Two challenges were overcome during this project including a) the client was overseas at the time and b) construction took place in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Effective communication was critical to navigate these challenges and enabled an on time and on spec project delivery.