The Rise Of The Residential Lift

Features such as residential lifts will make a huge difference to the value of a property when the time comes to sell.

Marc Ramsay, Sales Manager at West Coast Elevators

TYPICALLY the province of office blocks and apartment buildings, the idea of having a lift in one’s home would once have been considered an unthinkable luxury, accessible only to the very wealthy.

During the past few years, however, they have become a must-have for a growing number of homeowners and prospective buyers. Indeed the terms “lift” and “elevator” are these days among the most common keyword searches on one of the country’s biggest real estate websites.

Marc Ramsay, Sales Manager at home lift specialists West Coast Elevators, says his company has seen an increase of between 30-35 per cent in sales year on year.

“Our biggest market at present is among the older age group who have mobility or other health issues that make it difficult for them to walk up and down stairs, putting them at risk of bad falls and serious injuries. That, or they are ‘future-proofing’ for the day they may have those issues,” Marc says. “It allows people to stay in their own homes and maintain their independence for as long as possible when they have become frail or infirm, secure in the knowledge that their environment is equipped for their needs.”

“Few people realize that a home elevator takes up much less space than a standard stairwell,” says Marc. “This can open up the house, providing owners with more space. “Homeowners who choose to invest in a residential lift in Perth can easily increase the usable square footage of their home, which ultimately helps to increase future re-sale value”.




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