Residential Elevators Are Lifting The Bar

Why Perth homes with residential elevators are lifting the bar

WHY take the stairs when you could take the lift? There’s a growing trend for home elevator installations in Perth’s residential suburbs.

THERE’S something uplifting about walking into your very own home and taking the elevator to the top.

While lifts are a normal part of life for apartment dwellers, there is a growing trend for home elevators within residential suburbs in and around Perth.

West Coast Elevators Managing Director Andrew Burke says that higher density living and an ageing population are seeing an increase in home-and-land-package developers including a lift as a standard feature in a home.
The increasing value of land also drives the need for higher density accommodation.

The national architect’s advisory service says more Australians are wary of using their home’s space more efficiently, particularly in the major cities and towns where space is an issue. A prime example of extending up rather than out has seen owners installing residential lifts from their underground garages, right up to their second and third-storey.

Home elevators are an ideal solution for people with access issues.
Retro-fitting of a home lift helps to supercharge space, enabling residents to utilise rooms over multiple levels in lieu of stairs. Take a quick look at residential lifts in Perth from West Coast Elevators.

“Elevators will become a more regular feature of multi-level homes, enabling increased ability for Baby Boomers onward to reside and maintain the homes in which they are living.” Mr Burke says.




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