2021’s Interior Design Trends You Must Know

New year, new interior design trends.

To quickly get up to speed on the styles set to skyrocket over the next twelve months, you’ve landed in the right space. And no… you don’t need to do a major overhaul of your home design or hire an architect and squad of builders! 

You can refresh your space for the new year easily with some extra pops of colour here and strategically placed plants there. 

Read for architecture trends and design trends for 2021 plus some bonus ideas on how these trends can influence your home lift design. 

If there’s anything that 2020 highlighted, it’s just how important connection truly is. Whether it’s connecting virtually with loved ones stuck abroad in the height of a global pandemic, or that very first hug when they finally get home, there is nothing more meaningful than time with the ones you care about.

1. Connected living 

With this in mind, connection is also set to become more and more present in 2021 design trends. 

So how do you design a space that promotes community and connection in the household? One of the best ways is to keep floor plans open or adjustable. Instead, create privacy with removable screens or wall-to-wall sliding doors so that all areas can be easily opened up. 

2. Neotenic design

Minimalism has reigned supreme over the last couple of years but now it’s time to make some space for its softer, brighter and much more quirky cousin, neotenic designs. If you’re wondering what neotenic design actually means, Disegno, The Quarterly Journal of Design explains: 

Human beings are subconsciously moved by big eyes, round heads, chubby cheeks and pudgy extremities. It is widely believed that when we see them, a dark recess in our brains – the amygdala – initiates a surge of nurturing affection, telling us that we are encountering a child and should conduct ourselves accordingly. Only, the amygdala is evolutionarily quite old and easily fooled. We experience similar sensations whether we are looking at baby humans, baby animals, cute cartoons, or even inanimate objects such as tables or chairs.


So how exactly does this apply to interior design? The neoteric design trend sees objects with exaggerated proportions and the illusion of “softness” with rounded, plushy edges to create quirky and totally unique interiors.

3. Playful colours

Bright bold colour schemes and funky pastels are forecast to grow in popularity over the next few years, especially in central living rooms and bathrooms. If you want a dramatic change, go all out with a new coat of paint and new tiling. For a more subtle boost, colourful plant pots, vases, prints and other decor items are  the way to go!

Elevator Design Inspiration Tip: Bring playful colours to your lift design with funky coloured skinplates or doors for a feature piece sure to make jaws drop.

4. Minimalist avant-garde

If you’re not into in-your-face colour schemes but still want to bring a creative edge to your home, minimalist avant-garde could be the design trend for you. Nope, that’s not a typo. Minimalist avant-garde is a thing. And, while it might sound like a bit of an oxymoron, this design style is only set to skyrocket in popularity. Think unique design shapes in neutral colour palettes to absolutely nail this style… or just buy that stylish Gustaf Westman mirror you’ve seen in the background of every stylists Instagram feed.

5. Smart homes

This next trend is unlikely to be a surprise, as the growing need for and popularity of smart homes is only set to become more and more prominent in 2021. These tools are so popular because they mean that you can live in your home for longer and much more comfortably. You can smarten up your home with countless automated tools and technologies, all controlled with voice commands or a handy app downloadable to your phone. You can get smart devices for: 

Your home lift can be kitted out with the latest technology too. If you can think it, it can be done. Chat to us to find out more.

6 . Cottagecore

“What on earth is Cottagecore!?”. Hear us out. What started out as a social media trend popularised by Gen Z is set to shape upcoming design trends for all ages. If you can imagine it being used in a cottage in the woods, it will match the aesthetic. Now we aren’t saying leave your home for a new forestry home. In fact, this is an incredibly easy design trend to incorporate into your space. Simply bring Cottagecore elements to your home with vintage decor (specifically ornaments and cookware – family heirlooms are perfect for this), lots of plants and opt for earthy tones like browns, greens and burnt orange where possible.

2021 Design Trends for Home Lifts 

If these interior design trends for 2021 have you inspired, it’s time to think about how you can apply them to your future home lift. While you might not be able to turn your home lift design into a mini-terrarium of cottagecore plants with avant-garde sculptures, you can have it fully customised to create something of real beauty that looks cohesive with the modern interior design trends in your space. 
For further inspiration, check our blog post filled with tips for great home lift design or pop over to our Perth showroom to experience it in the flesh.



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