How High Your Perth Lift Can Go with West Coast Elevators

If you’re purchasing a lift for your Perth home or business, there’s a lot which needs to be taken into consideration. After all, it’s a big investment so you want to get it right. If you’re here chances are you want to know how high lifts supplied in Western Australia can go. Will they go high enough for your space? Or, can you get smaller lifts for raised levels and low distances? 

Whether you own a commercial space or are looking at a lift for the home, it’s here that you’ll find: 

  • How high your lift can go
  • How strategic elevator heights can effectively manage lift congestion in busy buildings
  • The options for different elevator models for the home and for commercial applications. 
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Ok, so maybe the sky is the limit. Unfortunately the one thing this article won’t cover is lifts that shoot into outer space.

How high your lift model can go

To understand how high your chosen lift model can go, there are two key things to consider. The total travel distance and the total number of stops. Here’s the difference: 

  1. Travel Distance: How high (in metres) your lift can physically travel
  2. Number of Stops: How many total stopping points your lift can have, regardless of distance apart. Stops include all the individual floors your lift travels to as well as floating mezzanine levels. 

How high West Coast Elevators lifts can travel 

Every lift company has different specifications for their elevators so you will need to check in with your supplier. However, here are our specifications as a guide. From home lifts to lifts for the office and other commercial spaces: 

Residential Elevators

Home lifts can travel up to 5-6 stops total, depending on the model and space!

Low-rise Commercial Elevators

While most commercial lifts reach up to 12m Commercial Maxi Lifts & Stretcher Lifts can access heights of up to 18m or more, however West Coast Specialises in the low-rise commercial elevator sector!

Mini lifts

On the opposite end of the spectrum, what happens if you need an ultra small space covered? Like the distance between the ground and a raised porch or veranda. Yes there is a lift for you… say hello to mini lifts! There are mini lifts suited to the home or any commercial space available and they can cover a distance of up to 2 metres high. 

  • Mini Lift Travel Distance: Up to 2m
  • Stops: 1 stop 
  • Mini lift Styles Available: 
Crystal Mini lifts mean that you can provide access to raised levels and improve the accessibility of your entire building.

How high is too high

Bigger doesn’t always mean better. Yes, this applies to your lift too. Think about the tallest skyscrapers and buildings around Perth – most of them have multiple elevators. Even the multi-level car parks in central areas tend to have different elevators that access different levels.

But have you ever given thought to why that is? And no, the answer isn’t to get you to walk further and get those steps up! If you’ve ever parked in His Majesty’s parking garage in Perth CBD, you might have noticed that there are two lifts that access completely different levels.  This is a clever tactic to reduce congestion. Instead of having one massive elevator that services every single floor it is much more efficient to have several smaller elevators that access different areas.

Breaking up large buildings and parking garages into “zones” serviced by multiple elevators is the preferred way to minimise congestion by architects and builders around the world.

If you want to learn more about how to choose the right elevator for your space, download a free information brochure or visit us at Belmont showroom in Perth for assistance from one of our friendly team members. Alternatively, you can make an enquiry online.



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