4 Reasons Why A Home Lift Will Add Value To Your Property

This post is for you if you are…

  • A homeowner who wants to stay in their dream home forever, even into late retirement 
  • A landlord who wants to make your investment rental more desirable and in demand to reap the rewards down the line
  • A savvy investor keen to take advantage of the market and maximise the value of their investment portfolio
  • A builder or engineer who wants to know more about market demands.

Whether you’re looking to prepare your own home for the future so you can live where you love forever, or you’re a savvy investor looking to make the most of the market and upgrade the value of properties to either rent out or flip it’s here you’ll find the key reasons WHY residential lifts in Perth are adding immense value to Australian homes.

1. Stay in your home for longer

If you’re in the home of your dreams (or about to move in) it makes sense that you want to stay there for a long time. You’ve worked hard to cultivate the space of your dreams, so why shouldn’t you get to enjoy it for years to come. Did you know that one of the main reasons people move into retirement villages, is not because they need regular nursing, or even that they want to leave their homes, but because they just need more accessible homes. So why should you have to leave your dream space when you could just preemptively renovate it now, save big money, and live where you love forever? 

A lift helps prepare your space for the future so that you can do just that. They mean you can stay in your home well into retirement comfortably, without the need to downsize. 

“With our ageing population, people are installing lifts so they can stay in their homes longer when their hips and knees and backs start to go. It’s a lot cheaper to put in a lift then to sell and buy back into the market.” –– Domain

Increase the resale value of your home, stay where you love for longer and add a touch of luxury to wow all that enter with a home lift.

2. Elevators for easy accessibility

Injuries or disabilities can make moving around a two-storey home incredibly difficult and be a major cause of frustration. No one wants to feel limited within their home and a home lift provides you and your loved ones with the freedom to move around the home unassisted and safely, no matter the circumstances. 

Top tip: Home lifts are great for families with young children -holding a child in a lift can be much safer (and easier) than carrying them up a flight of stairs.

3. The ultimate sign of luxury

Just like an intricate painting hung on a wall, you can endlessly admire the beauty of an elevator…if you take advantage of design possibilities. Exquisite materials and sophisticated finishes allow you to create a magnificent art-piece in your home. As the ultimate sign of luxury, it will be sure to wow your guests as well.

Completely customisable, they’re infinitely superior in style to their alternative… the dreaded stair chair. While stair chairs might get the job done, they can be painstakingly slow and their archaic, outdated design can quickly put a dampener on your interior design

Learn more about how you can customise your home lift (click the link). 

4. Senior pets: Extra assistance for your furry friends 

It’s true – as we age, our pets age too and they can’t run up the stairs quite like they used to! And, if you have a dog (or cat) you must love him or her more than anything in the world. In fact, you’d sacrifice a lot just to make sure they were happy. That’s why so many people choose to purchase an elevator not just for themselves but for their four legged companions.  A home lift can make it easier for both you and your pets to get the most out of your space and makes your home safer for the both of you. You’d be surprised how many people move into a home which already has a lift for this reason! 

Hello darkness my old friend… Home lifts aren’t just useful for your own accessibility around the house, but your four legged friends too.

Take advantage of the current market 

There is no time better than right now to install a home lift. And that’s not a twist on the old “there’s no better time than the present” saying. There really never has been a time better than this to install a home lift. 

There’s no doubt this 2020 has been chaotic. But the silver lining is the government grants which have been keeping the building and construction industry going. With overflow savings to be made everywhere, real estate is ripe for returns – snapping up a bargain and/or renovating should be the thoughts on your mind right now.

Make the most of it while you can – home lifts add value to your space. They increase your property value, make your home more accessible and mean that you and your loved ones can enjoy your house well into retirement. 



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