How to Know If You Need Lift Access For Mezzanines

For retail businesses: You want a space that encourages clients to linger and explore.
In Corporate environments: You want to ensure that all your employees and clients feel valued and welcome.
For homeowners: You want a space that both wows your guests and allows you all to move freely throughout your home, no matter what life throws your way. 

Yes, a good space is a space that invites people in. But amazing decor, a cool location and a beautiful mezzanine is just the beginning of how to get that special feeling. But what’s really important in the world we live in now? The ability to provide equality and accessibility to everyone .

If you have a mezzanine in your space or looking at a building that does, you’ll need to educate yourself on accessibility.

Here’s the short answers for those who want ‘em quick:

For your business: In most cases, elevator access for mezzanines is actually a legal requirement (and there are lots of proven benefits that come alongside it) 
For your home: You might not be legally required to install home lift access to mezzanine floors, but there are lots of perks that make it worth your while. 

For those who want more info, stick around. You’ll find out about the legal requirements regarding elevator access for mezzanine levels, and the personal benefits to your business or home. 

What is a mezzanine floor? 

Just in case you’re scratching your head, here’s a quick definition:

Also called a floating level, balcony floor or entresol, a mezzanine is an intermediate level in the airspace of a normal building floor. It is partially open to the main floor and does not cover the entire roof space, hence the name “floating level”. They’re a great way to maximise your floor space, and when done well can be a stylish addition to your home or business. 

Not quite an entire floor of their own, mezzanine levels and balcony floors are a great way to maximise your space – and they look amazing too! 

Is your business required to have elevator access for mezzanine levels? 

In short, yes.

In Perth, and the rest of Australia, if the mezzanine level is over 200sqm, and one that is normally open to members of the public (including your customers) then you need to have elevator access in order to comply with Australian building regulations and the Disability Discrimination Act

Outside of legal requirements, installing lift access to your mezzanines or floating levels comes with lots of other benefits. For example, if your staff are carrying heavy stock or the mezzanine is part of a warehouse or storage facility, elevator access can help them move stock or heavy tools around without risk of injuring themselves. You can also rest assured knowing that you’ll be providing safe and comfortable access to disabled, pregnant, injured and elderly customers, guests or staff. 

Mezzanine levels are a great way to maximise your floor space, but as a business, without lift access you could be in breach of DDA requirements. 

Does your home lift need to go to mezzanine levels?

While you of course aren’t legally required to install a home lift for mezzanine access and intermediate floors, there are plenty of reasons why it’s worth considering. 

A home lift for mezzanine access: 

Mezzanine floors are becoming more and more popular in residential homes across Perth. How good is this floating theatre? 

How to choose the right lift for your business’s mezzanine floor

This is what to look for when choosing a commercial elevator for mezzanine access: 

Wondering where to begin? Find commercial elevators that’ll check all the boxes for your Western Australian business here. 

DDA Compliant, registered with Worksafe Australia and ultra sleek, we’re confident our commercial elevators  at West Coast Elevators will tick all your boxes. 

How to choose the right home lift for mezzanine access

Questions to ask when choosing a home elevator:

Perth homeowners rejoice. These elevators are guaranteed to check all those boxes and more. 

If you’re already installing a home lift, you’re in luck. In most cases it’s easy enough to simply add another stop to your mezzanine floor. 

Good news! Getting elevator access to your mezzanine levels is also easier (and cheaper) than you may think. If you’re already having a lift installed, there’s a good chance you can just get it to stop off at the mezzanine level. 

If you’re ready to see your options head over to our Belmont Showroom to experience our demo lifts  or claim your free brochure now. Get it sent direct to your inbox here. 



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